CSA Subscriptions

Our Community Supported Agriculture subscriptions include weekly or bi-weekly

customizable deliveries from our online farm store to your door!


Beginning the end of May through the end of October, you will be invited to choose from our seasonal offerings of farm goods in our online farm store. We then harvest and pack your custom order and bring it from our farm, to your door. 

Each weeks offerings will be unique to our growing season.  We do our best to offer a wide variety of options each week that we know we love. However, due to the nature of nature, we can not guarantee certain crops will be available.


What might be offered in our online farm store?

+Pasture Raised Chicken

+Pasture Raised Duck and Chicken Eggs

+Lettuce Mix




+Swiss Chard




+Heirloom Tomatoes

+Cherry Tomatoes


+Red Potatoes




+Bell Peppers

+Fresh Herbs

+Fresh Cut Flowers

+Blueberries from Kenerson's Berry Farm

+Nature Tails Pet Treats

+Baked Goods from Grain&Honey Bakeshop

We update our inventory weekly as the CSA season progresses and new crops are ready to enjoy! Additionally, we love to partner with other local farms and businesses to offer a variety of goods in our online store beyond what we can grow for you.


You get to choose what shows up at your door each week. Together, we create less food waste and more sustainability through our on farm composting system.

Read more about our program and what you can expect in our handbook. Click the PDF button below.

2022 Summer CSA Handbook