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Ryan and Raychel Jamieson are growing a small family farm from scratch in middle Tennessee. They produce the highest quality pasture raised chicken and eggs as well as grow seasonal produce and flowers using natural and humane growing methods on the East side of Robertson county in Springfield.

Farmer and Teacher Ryan Jamieson holding son Walter Jamieson on Jamieson Farm surrounded by pasture raised chickens.


While my parents did not have a farm, they did keep a row of raspberry bushes in the backyard.  Regularly tasked with picking the berries, the goal was a simple one:  pick a quart and you had enough for a pie.  It was this experience growing our own berries that I discovered that food grown in small quantities with care simply tasted better.  When you visit the farm, you might find me collecting eggs, rotating fencing, or troubleshooting in the vegetable garden, but I will most likely be thinking of how to ensure the berry patch is producing berries with the same delicious qualities I remember as a child.

Farmer and Teacher Raychel Jamieson holding a sprig of dill leaves smiling in front of a garden


When I was an elementary school teacher, I fell in love with teaching my students about how plants and animals grow and thrive. And after taking time off from teaching to raise our two beautiful children I knew those passions could be put to good use building our farm based business. I have sought to learn everything I can about growing food and flowers seasonally and in the most natural and humane ways possible.  I look forward to sharing the knowledge and bounty this farm has to offer our community in the many years to come. 

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