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Chicken Tractors

This year we decided to finally grow our own chicken for meat, for our family and our customers. This step was always in the long term plan for our farm, however it is feeling much more necessary now. (Covid-19, I'm looking at you)

So we got out our tools and tried not to kill each other while we built chicken tractors for our birds. These contraptions are like mobile cages that allow birds to live their short lives on fresh pasture 24/7 while protecting them from predators and the elements. Ryan and I settled on a plan from Youtube and got to work.

I chose this model for a few reasons. It was quick, easy, reproducible, sturdy, and light-weight. It took us 2 hours to build two tractors. I anticipate next time it will not take as long. When we build more, we will be able to reproduce tractors that look and function exactly the same to keep things cohesive. The materials are strong and sturdy so the tractors will last several years, while the structure is still light enough to be easily moved around the property by a single person. Until we get a real tractor to pull it, that is!

If you decide to build your own, I highly recommend this model. It has been working great for our birds.

Love, Raychel

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