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A Beautiful Egg

Updated: Sep 22, 2019

What is the first thing you see when you look at an egg? The shell. But did you know the reason the shells are different colors is because there are different breeds of chickens? We started our farm here in Tennessee with three of our favorite varieties: Marans, Ameraucana, and Rhode Island Red.

Marans hens lay a dark brown egg which are significantly less porous than other eggs. Being that there are less holes in the shell, it is thought that Marans eggs are less likely to carry bacteria.

The blue shell is from an Ameraucana hen. This blue hue is added while the shell is being formed and is actually found on the inside as well. This is because the shell itself is made of blue tinted calcium.

The lighter brown egg shells are produced when a hen is equipped with the brown tinting ability. This tint is applied on the outside of the shell, much like tinting your car windows. Pay attention the next time you crack an egg, and notice that the eggs with a brown shell are white on the inside!

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