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Pastured Raised Chicken Soup Bones

Pastured Raised Chicken Soup Bones

Pasture Raised Chicken Soup Bones (each pack contains two sets of soup bones)


Did you know you can easily make the freshest and most delicious chicken broth using chicken soup bones and a few kitchen staples?


Raychel's Chicken Stock Recipe


1 set of Jamieson Farm Pastured Chicken Soup Bones (half of pack)

1.5 Tbsp salt

1 Tbsp pepper

2 Tbsp apple cider vinegar

1-2 onions peeled and halved

1-2 smashed garlic cloves

1-2 carrots

1-2 ribs of celery

2 bay leaves

2 fresh sage leaves mhmmmmm...


Intstant pot: Throw everything together in an instant pot and fill to the max fill line with water. Then, pressure cook it for 45 minutes. After the pot naturally releases, strain the liquid off and that is the broth! It is delicious as a soup base and can be used just like any broth for cooking.


Quick TIP: Make sure not to pour the liquid gold down the drain when straining but into a bowl! My trick to save the whole batch for future use is to pour it into silicone muffin tray cups and freeze. Then pop them out and store them in the freezer to be used in 1/3 cup portions. Throw them into any savory dish that calls for water for an extra punch of flavor! Your taste buds and gut will thank you!


If you do not have an instant pot, I would just google "chicken bone broth recipe" for stove top, slow cooker, Dutch oven, campfire pot, or whatever cooking method you plan to use. You can also substitute out any ingredients you do not love or sub in some stuff you do. The beauty of bone broth is that it is so forgiving and a work of art in the end.

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