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Walt’s Pasture Raised Chicken Bundle

Walt’s Pasture Raised Chicken Bundle

We have put together a variety of our most popular cuts of our delicious pasture raised chicken for you to stock your freezer with for meals to last!


$60 Pasture raised bundle includes:

1 Whole Pasture Raised Chicken

2 Packs of Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts

2 Packs of Bone-In Skin-On Thighs

2 Packs of Wings (See picture for reference)


Buy direct, fresh from your farmers, and have the peace of mind knowing how and where your food is grown! We pick up our day old chicks from a local hatchery a short drive from the farm. They then spend a couple weeks in our warm chick brooder. Once they are robust enough to survive outdoors, they move out to our mobile chicken coops where they have freedom to roam the pasture, choose between our locally sourced, non-GMO feed and delicious bugs they uncover, and live a life we are proud to give them. In the brooder, the chicks’ bedding is wood chips from local arborists. Once the chicks are ready to move out to the pasture the bedding becomes one of the main ingredients in our compost which is used to revitalize our gardens. Batch processed 8/14/22

We deliver to local addresses within 25 miles of our farm in Springfield, Tennessee. We will notify you by text when are en route to your home. If no one will be available to receive your order, please provide a cooler on the outside of your home for delivery.