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Updated: Feb 11, 2022

There is nothing quite like tasting a ripe blackberry right off of the cane. Plump and juicy, bursting with one of the sweetest flavors that exists in nature, our brambles of berries are no exception.

Upon moving to Springfield, we noticed our neighbor had a very impressive blackberry patch which sparked our interest in blackberry cultivation. Armed with a few tips from our friendly neighbor, a heart open to learning, and a cart full of blackberry starts from a local grower, we set out to grow our own sun sweet berries.

This year’s blackberries were the best we have ever tasted in our lives.

We plan to extend our patch of blackberries to fill the space to the right of our driveway before you get to the perennial gardens. The area will fit seven, one-hundred foot rows of tasty goodness. We are prepping the space by using silage tarps to kill off the grasses and plants we had previously been mowing. In the meantime, Ryan has been rooting new plants from our existing ones and we’ve both been studying successful blackberry growing on YouTube.

Check back in June of 2021 for an update on the extension of the whole patch!

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